Gut Brain Breath Course


The gut-brain-breath course is a live 10 week course hosted on zoom, Monday evenings at 7 pm EST. It’s a small container with a capacity of 5-6 people.  Upcoming dates:



October 10th – December 12th 2022
January 3rd 2023 – March 14th (no class Tuesday Feb 14)


This course is designed to empower and educate you about the health of two of the most important foundational systems of human health, the digestive and nervous systems. The digestive system acts as a barrier between what you consume and what you absorb. The health of this barrier system will determine what nutrients you are able to absorb and utilize, how many nutrients you are able to absorb and utilize, and what harmful substances (pathogens, chemicals, etc) you are able to keep out of your body and bloodstream. It is designed to rewire your nervous system so that you can easily drop into a rest & digest state to get the most out of your meals.

If you struggle with weak or autoimmunity, eating habits that no longer feel aligned for you, chronic dis-ease, digestive issues or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, this is the course for you. This is also the course for you if you’re looking for a pick me up, a fresh start or a deeper understanding of your body, the signals it gives you and a deeper connection with yourself.

You will be provided with non-biased information around these systems, how to care for them and how to support them, to either manage any symptoms or as preventative health care. By the end of this course, you will have clear understanding of how to support your body and how the gut and digestive system affects all other body systems.

I find it’s very useful to understand how your body works in physiological and biochemical perspectives. As the majority of people are not biochemists, I have broken this information down into digestible bits and pieces that can be easily grasped & understood. My goal for the course is to put the power of your health back into YOUR hands. I have curated the information in the course based on my 3 year personal healthy journey with chronic symptoms and my 7 years of study in the sciences, health & wellness.

Classes are 2 hours long and consist of a lesson related to gut health, group discussion and sharing and an hour of restorative breathwork with guided meditations. Each week students will be given an action step & they will receive the transcripts of the lessons so they can be fully present during class.

Students will have access to a whatsapp group chat for any questions that arise during the course.

The guided meditations during breathwork are directly related to material we have learned in class, sending healing energy to some of the most crucial areas of our body.



Week 1 – Whole health digestive system (function) – the “what” and the “role”

Week 2 – Whole health digestive system (physiology) – the “how” and the execution of performance – leaky gut explained

Week 3 – The gut & its microbes

Week 4 – The Vagus nerve – how to support the largest nerve in your body

Week 5 – Breathwork & the gut connection. How to cleanse and detoxify your lymphatic system

Week 6 – How gut issues can lead to other issues in the body and affect the blood brain barrier – a deeper dive into mental health, anxiety and depression

Week 7 – The liver and bile flow

Week 8 – Nutrition & Vital Nutrients – the function and role of nutrients in the body and most potent food sources

Week 9 – Nutrient absorption and bioavailability – protecting your barriers and navigating the food supply

Week 10 – Q&A Session

Restorative breathwork is a combination of rebirthing, lamaze and diaphragm breathing. This technique is  designed to be gentle. It is designed to help you merge your sub conscious being with your super conscious being so that you can more deeply connect with your spirit, cleanse your nervous system, observe (not react) to your emotions and truly listen to your body’s signals. Restorative breathwork quite literally rewires the nervous system, especially its ability to stay regulated under stressful conditions (either physical or mental). Practicing breathwork also builds a stronger & deeper connection with the physical body. After 10 sessions you will cultivate a stronger awareness of what’s happening in your body and mind at all times. You are strengthening this mind body connection.


Breathwork serves to help clear emotions and traumas out of the body on a cellular level. This is extremely important when addressing gut health and digestive issues, as stored trauma can impair the digestive system’s ability to function optimally. Breathwork helps to move out / make peace with any grief, anger, fear or emotional pain so that your body can regulate itself. It improves the ability to self regulate your emotions. It opens doorways to meet and connect with new parts of yourself and inspires access to your full potential for joy, aliveness and peace in your life.