Root cause resolution

Have you been experiencing chronic symptoms that just won’t seem to go away? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything? Perhaps you’ve been sent from doctor to doctor to a specialist with no real resolution except pharmaceuticals. You know that pharmaceuticals only cover the symptoms with a band aid so that you don’t feel them but something is still wrong at the root. Do you want to get to the root cause of your symptoms so that you can live pain free, full of energy and vitality? Do you want to glow and heal from the inside out? The root cause resolution program helps you to discover the root causes of your disease so you can learn to manage those symptoms and in most cases, iradicate them completely.

I have been trained to practice functionally, meaning that

1. All things matter

2. Everything is connected

3. Each person is unique

In order to practice in this way, my clients fill out in-depth intake forms that allow me to paint the picture of their life from birth to present day. Then I create a functional timeline and use it as a tool during our journey together. I also provide you with a symptom tracker to create something called a functional matrix which maps out which body systems may be affected or underperforming based on your answers. Your timeline and matrix are functional tools that will be provided to you for your reference.

View examples:  Matrix Example  | Timeline Example


Steps to Healing

Tier 1

Setting up non-negotiables with nutritional and lifestyle modification for your unique needs.

We will work together to set up non-negotiables with nutritional and lifestyle modifications for your unique needs. This tier is “root cause resolution” based, meaning we have to remove obstacles that are getting in the way of healing. This tier helps to eliminate the biggest inflammatory culprits before moving onto more complex measures.

Tier 2

Bringing any deficiencies to sufficiency
We need to create a solid infrastructure that allows healing to occur. If the body cannot function optimally in the face of deficiencies, how can we expect it to heal? Deficiencies can be key nutrients (macro, micro or even phyto) but also other biological and physiological factors such as hormones, secretions, types of white blood cells, neurotransmitters, microbial population and diversity and even barrier systems. Labs can be useful here but are not necessary. I use tracking and other functional medicine tools (the Matrix, the Timeline) to shine light where key nutrients may be missing. You can click here to see examples of the Matrix and the Timeline.

Tier 3

Dismantling the dysfunction
Once the terrain of your body has been primed for healing, any residual signs and symptoms can be addressed.

I work in the realm of minutes because depending on where we are at in your healing, some sessions may require more in-depth conversations lasting up to about an hour, and then there may be other sessions where things are going well and we only need a quick 10-15 minute check in. Sessions will be scheduled based on your individual needs and progress. There is no time limit in which you must use your minutes with me. For the duration of the time that you still have pending minutes with me, you will have access to me via email in which I will respond within 24-48 hours to ask any questions that need more immediate answers. If for any reason I will not be able to comply with this (for example, a backpacking trip in which I may have no cell phone signal) I will let you know a minimum of one week in advance.