Root Cause Resolution:

“I came to Allison at a time where I was at my wit’s end. I had been dealing with a chronic, mysterious skin illness for over 4 years. I would do anything to heal. I had just begun an Aryuvedic protocol for my health and hired Allison at the same time. 

Allison did a thorough intake by mapping out my symptoms and health history and asked me to get blood work so she could read what was going on in my body. Over the course of 6 months, Allison worked very closely with me on my health from every angle. She was thorough, caring, diligent, and kind and ensured that we got to the bottom of my illness. 

One of my favorite parts was Allison reading my bloodwork and discerning what types of vitamins I should be taking regularly based on her read. After taking them regularly, I saw immense improvements in my health. 

My second favorite part about working with Allison was how she coached me on reintroducing foods after I had been on an elimination diet. Even though I slipped up by eating more than 2 new foods in a week, Allison helped me correct the course-correct in a very loving way. 

My third favorite part was how well she tracked everything we were doing and shared it with me along the way. I believe Allison’s in-depth health knowledge, caring yet disciplined and determined attitude, and faith that I would heal was what kept me on the right track towards healing. It was so nice to feel like I had someone who truly cared about me by my side.

We were a team and committed to a goal – my health and wellbeing. We reached that goal, and I am so happy my skin is finally clear today, only 6 months later! I’m so happy I hired Allison and received her loving and brilliant help.

I would recommend Allison to anyone dealing with chronic illness. She knows how the body functions and can help you get yours to function optimally. Please, do yourself a favor and hire Allison if you are ready to heal and come into balance.” – Tracy


“Working with Allison was a god send. For the first time in years and even after a cancer diagnosis, I am feeling more clear headed, energetic and healthy. She is well educated, thorough and a good listener. Always available and ready to answer questions with thought- out, knowledgeable answers. Allison went above and beyond to help me achieve all of my health goals and I am truly grateful to her! I have already recommended Allison and will continue to do so.” – Christie P


“My son, Sean, has been having grand mal and focal seizures for over 7 years. The grand mals are the biggest concern as he stops breathing and needs to be resuscitated. We have tried many medications (he was on five), have seen several doctors, and have tried natural cures and while they helped for a little while did not stop the Grand Mals from happening.
My daughter introduced us to Allison and Sean has not had a Grand Mal in over 3 months. He is also only on 3 medications(from 5) and we are working to get him to one. Allison has helped Sean with eating habits, and supplements that have helped him with his complexion, memory, and he has lost weight. His mood swings from his medications are also more under control now as well. Allison has also helped Sean with breathwork that helps bring his anxiety down significantly. We look forward to continuing on the path that Allison has set out for Sean and many more years of reduced seizure activity.” – Kate C



“Working with Allison during these last 10 weeks has been outstanding! 
She went above and beyond my expectations. I learned new breathing techniques that I was not familiar with. Allison made sure that I understood her instructions to accommodate my needs. Not only was she present during my sessions, she also managed to follow-up with me and see how I was doing afterwards. During my sessions we targeted specific areas of my life that are sensitive to me, however, she helped me embrace and recognize any unhealed wounds buried within my psyche. 
I really enjoyed the breathing techniques in combination with her guided meditation. Her voice allows you to remain focused on the breath all while visualizing what she expresses with her beautiful gentle voice. If I had to give her a score out of 10, my experience would surpass the scoreboard and I’d give her 100. I recommend her services to anyone who is looking to tune in to the breath, and strengthen any spiritual practice they may have in place. Her accommodations and flexibility are top notch, and her service is well worth it.
Thank you Allison, I am thankful that I got to experience these sessions towards my spiritual health/growth” – Jeffrey 

“We tend to forget how powerful the breath is, we simply cannot live without it, diving into intentional practices with your breath is so fulfilling, and I would recommend it to everyone.” – Will


“I so look forward to Allison’s Breathwork sessions. She is such a knowledgeable and supportive facilitator with the most soothing voice. Her sessions are incredibly cathartic and cleansing. I always leave feeling lighter, like I’ve moved and released a lot of stuck emotions. i truly can’t recommend her enough.” – Taylor


“With being on the go constantly and not being good at carving out conscious rest time, I found that breathwork with Allison is exactly what I need. The way she guides gently helped me deeply relax and truly be present with my breath and body. Her reassurance during the longer breathing sessions also helped me stay focused.” – Alyssa


“I took a breathwork session with Allison, and it was exactly what I needed!! I’ve had a lot of stuck energy recently, and although the breathwork wasn’t easy, the session flowed seamlessly. Afterward, I felt more energized, open, and ready to conquer life! I highly recommend taking a breathwork session with this lovely lady!” – Emma


“Absolutely incredible breathwork session. I have never felt so calm, and at the moment, I was a bit unsure how I would feel going into the session, but Allison made it so calming and explained everything so well. I felt this sense of relief along with clarity. I felt like I could finally tune into these clarifying thoughts and emotions, and it was beyond freeing, something I really can’t fully explain, It’s almost something that’s only to be felt, but I can’t thank Allison enough for the experience.” – Kayla


“I recently attended a breathwork with guided meditation. Before the class, I felt very triggered in my body as some deep wounds resurfaced. I jumped on her zoom call and immediately felt so comforted in her presence. She was very supportive and informative on the process and wonderful at explaining the different breathing techniques. The whole experience reset my nervous system from my previous day of triggers and anxiety. I felt so rooted in my body, calm and relaxed. Her voice and how she guides you through is so beautiful! I highly recommend taking one of her workshops or sessions.” – Emily

Gut Brain breath:

“All the information was the paddle in the water to help my sense of direction in this body. How chemicals are being distributed was hugely helpful, and the breathwork was life-altering. Sitting in the Allison container was the gentle structure I needed to support the releases my life was demanding while offering a safe space to express my findings through applying the teachings. The information was digestible and set me up for my next steps of getting deeper into the workings of my body and imagination, and the ways they not only intersect but build upon one another” – Angela


“I have gained a more conscious awareness of how our gut health and a deeper yet gentle breathing technique affect our health overall. This course felt very authentic and much like a breath of fresh air. I appreciated how the information was presented, both clear and easily ingestible. I also super appreciated how seen, heard, felt, loved, and safe I felt in asking questions about the gut and sharing what came up for me after a breathwork session. The way this lady wove together the connection and importance of our gut health and our breath was a beautiful display of the passion I’d love to see more of in the world” – Summer


“I would recommend this course to anyone with a body who wants to know how to create more harmony between their organs and getting in overall physical alignment from the inside out. This course is wonderful for anyone who doesn’t want to become a nutritionist but is still craving to be education in a quick crash course on the important of knowing how their organs work, communicate with each other, and communicate to our brains what they need to thrive. I loved this course and look forward to reviewing all of the videos to soak in the information even more! Thank you Allison for your truly loving presence, your encyclopedia brain and for inspiring me to try new ways of waving nutrients and healthy rituals into my routine” – Chelsie


“Allison is masterful with her knowledge of the material while simultaneously being so grounded, accessible and relatable. She breaks down the information to give the scientific and anatomical theory with practical application all in chewable digestible chunks (excuse the pun). The balance of the  intellectual piece with the breath work is such a beautiful way to balance and connect the whole body” – Emily


Bloodwork Review:

“After many years of going to doctors offices only to leave feeling unheard, uninformed & unsupported in my quest to understand & optimize my health, my blood work analysis session with Allison was exactly what I had been seeking for so long! She analyzed my labs from a holistic view & organized & presented her findings to me in a way that was not only informative and eye opening, but also easy to understand and digest. After going over what she had found in my past labs, we discussed my current diet & lifestyle and what changes could be made in those areas to help get my body functioning optimally. I left the session feeling informed, supported & excited to adopt the new habits & dietary practices we discussed. Whether you have struggled feeling your best & are unsure of where to start, or if you are simply just looking to take a more holistic look at your health in general, I highly recommend a session with Allison! She is extremely knowledgeable & compassionate, and I am absolutely looking forward to another follow up session with her in a couple of months!” – Ana